It’s time for a history lesson. I originally started this blog when I was living in Thailand in 2013, and I wanted to document my journey about how I’d become fluent in Thai, followed by how I’d learn several other languages to a high level.

Suffice to say, that plan didn’t really happen. This blog followed me back home from Bangkok to London, and then finally to what is now my new home here in a cosy satellite town of Copenhagen.

Despite having been in Denmark for almost two years now, I am still very much trying to get established. I guess my story now reads a bit like one of my favourite blogs, Geek Mädel – a blog written by an Aussie girl who relocated to Germany and painstakingly documented her struggles to ultmately learn German to fluency and become a permanent German citizen there. Sadly she seems to have stopped maintaining her blog, but from her final blog post I think I can safely assume she is happy in life and work.

My next big step in getting established here in Denmark is to get more qualifications. I’ve just enrolled onto a special course for foreigners where I get a “studentereksamen” which is a standard school leaving qualification here in Denmark. By the time I am finished, I’ll literally have the same status for applying to university here as a native Dane. Which kind of blows my mind!

My full time course starts next Thursday, and I’ll be studying Mathematics, Biology, History, Danish (for foreign speakers) and… English(!) All of my classes will naturally be taught in Danish, and I will have a huge amount of intense immersion. Actually, that’s very much how I am framing this experience – as a crazy all-encompassing Danish course. I also hope to learn a lot more about Danish culture from this course.

“You’ll be living in Denmark soon” remarked my wife. Her point was that my working language here has always been in English and our home language has always been English. I am really looking forward to this new challenge, and I look forward to writing next week about my first impressions of the course and the gymnasium/school.