During the past couple of weeks, Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm – there have been so many news stories and an incredible amount of people affected by it. Sorry, but here is one more story for you…

As a long standing Pokémon fan, I was a bit disappointed but not altogether surprised to find out that my ancient Samsung Galaxy S2 was not compatible with the popular pocket monster app. Seriously, my phone is 5 years old –  I am surprised that Duolingo runs on it!

Something that I was also surprised about was when I was cycling home the other day when a small group of teenagers shouted out to me “undskyld har du set nogle pokémon?” (excuse me, have you seen any pokemon) as I passed them by. I absent mindedly replied “nej, desværre” (no unfortunately) before it suddenly dawned on me that I was spontaneously having a random conversation about Pokémon in the street with a bunch of strangers. All in Danish.

If nothing else, the app certainly gets people talking!

I’ve got to be honest, this was a situation that I never thought would ever had happened when I came to Denmark almost two years ago. But then again I guess life is full of surprises!

I’ve also found myself explaining about Pokémon GO in Danish to several other people, so it has been a fantastic ice breaker.

Have you experienced any bizarre Pokémon GO stories involving foreign languages?