In about 5 weeks from now, I will have been living in Denmark for 2 years. That has gone by very quickly!

I’ve been surviving here doing work mostly revolving around English teaching – or at least using the English language in some vicinity.

I will be looking for new work in August/September time, and now I am considering the option of working in a Danish environment! It will be really scary and challenging, but it is also something that I feel I need to do in order to become more integrated in my local area.

In my local library I spotted a book called “Vejen til Jobbet” by Trine Just Jørgensen (the road to the job) which has advice about CV writing and job applications. It is all in Danish of course, but hopefully it will be of use to me.

I’ve even created an account on the Danish job center website,, and I’ll also be checking that site a lot and reading the job seeking advice too.

Do any of you have general advice for working in a foreign language? I find it a bit scary and exciting at the same time!