Earlier this year, I publicly listed my language goals which were to:

  • achieve a CEFR C1 level of Danish (by passing the Studieprøven exam)
  • achieve a CEFR B2 level of Thai
  • possibly work on “Russian, Chinese and Esperanto”

The final bullet point on that list is rather fuzzy, but I’m just directly quoting my blog post at the start of this year.

It’s July now, and so far I have achieved a certified B2 level in Danish – this is still something I am super proud of as it gives me a sense of momentum and legitimacy as an aspiring polyglot.

I’m still working on my Danish everyday, but recently I’ve given myself permission to have a bit of fun with my language learning and have been doing the Esperanto Duolingo course. I am really enjoying it. Esperanto is an incredibly easy and satisfying language to learn.

I am also using the “12 days of Esperanto course” over at learn.esperanto.com – but the twist is that I’m doing this course through Thai language. It is a nice refresher of Thai, but most of all I’m just having fun with language learning again. Although I am gradually getting better at Danish, it is still my “serious” language and I am still trying to find some (much needed) ways to make it a lot more fun and motivating.

Have a good week of language learning, and I’ll see you next time!