After receiving a C grade equivalent for my Danish reading and writing exam, I was kind of dreading the oral (mundtlig), mainly because Danish pronunciation is extremely difficult.

I spent a tremendous amount of time trying to prepare my presentation. I memorised the whole thing by rote, practising it constantly at home, at work during my breaks, and even muttering it under my breath while commuting to and from work. It was a two minute presentation, and honestly I must have practised it hundreds of times.

During my oral exam, I am sure I that delivered my two minute presentation in a very nervous manner. The second section of the exam, an absolutely unscripted conversation was also quite challenging – I had to talk about youth culture and crime, offering opinions on an ideal justice system for Denmark.

As per the standard oral exam format, I left the room while the examiner spoke to the censor and they agreed on my grade. It was the most agonising three minutes in recent memory. This grade is important because it affects my future education and employment options here in Denmark, and in turn how I can provide for my family.

Finally I was called back into the room, and to my relief, I passed the exam!The really surprising part was, that I passed with the second highest grade possible – a “10” grade, or a B equivalent!

So now I am officially qualified as a B2 level Danish language user. It feels so amazing to get some real momentum and formal recognition with my language studies.