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This week I have been training for the second part of my “Prøve i Dansk 3” exam.

There are two parts of the exam. The first part is a prepared 2 minute presentation with 3 minutes of follow up questions from the examinator. My presentation topic is: “Danske arbejdspladser og sundhedsordninger”, which translates to “Danish workplaces and healthcare systems”. It is quite a dry topic in my opinion, but I have spent a lot of time reading about it and trying to learn to talk my way around it.

The second part of the exam is where I have 10 seconds to look at an A4 page with pictures  about Danish society, and then briefly describe the pictures before going into a 4 minute discussion about the topic with the examinator. These pictures can be about equality in society, crime and justice systems, the education system, or even something trivial as pets. I have absolutely no way of knowing until when I am in the exam, two days from now.

The exam in total lasts between 10 – 15 minutes, and I will find out my result on the day.

Danish pronunciation is very challenging at the best of times, let alone under exam conditions! I hope that I’ll be ok on the day, but now I have to go back to working on my presentation.

Vi ses i næste uge! (see you next week)