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Although I’ve been living in Denmark for almost two years, and I am married to a Dane, I must make a big effort to practise my Danish language every day. It was reaching the end of a quiet, cosy Saturday where my wife and I had been staying in doing chores and odd jobs around the house and playing with our baby daughter. I realised that I had done the lazy thing and hadn’t practised any Danish at all that day!

Except I had. I just didn’t realise it. Earlier that day my wife asked me if I could go to the shops and buy some groceries for our home, and if I could take the baby with. I decided to stop off at a charity shop and pick up some old clothes that I could use for work (I work with active and carefree small children).


In real life, my daughter’s thin wispy hair is more than I’ll ever have on my head now

When I went into the charity shop, my 7 month old daughter suddenly attracted a tremendous amount of attention from the helpful old lady volunteers. I found myself explaining in my slightly broken Danish that my daughter had just woken up and wasn’t really in a massively social mood just yet. I also explained how old she was, and attempted to convey that she is relatively smaller in size than other children her age.

As I left the shop, I had a moment of panic where I couldn’t find my daughter’s dummy and asked them if they had seen it anywhere. I found it in the end – it was hiding in the pram amongst all kinds of baby stuff. I realised that right now, although my Danish is very much broken and hesitant, I am at least communicative in the language.

So my language learning advice is: if you happen to have a young baby around, take him/her to a charity shop, or somewhere with friendly patient old ladies. I appreciate that this is a tad over specialised advice, but hey it worked for me so I thought I’d share it on this blog and pay it forward.

By the way, I’m still very much in the process of finding a writing style and format that fits this blog nicely. If you enjoyed the writing in this post and would like more of it, please help me out and leave a comment! I’d love to know what I’m good at with writing and even what I’m… not so good at. See you guys next Sunday.