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While I am waiting for the results from my written Danish test I thought I’d write about how I used Duolingo to help me prepare.


A couple of days before the test, I did a Duolingo Danish quiz and got my highest grade yet – a 4.61 out of 5.0!

When you actually do a quiz on Duolingo, there is no feedback on your answers. This means that sadly, I don’t know what answers I got right or wrong, and therefore I can’t actually review my performance. What you can see from the diagram is that I’ve been doing Danish quizzes for a while. I think I did my first quiz around the time I finished my skill tree, achieving a measly 1.78 out of 5.0.

What you also can’t see on that picture is my Duolingo streak. Right now, I am on an 81 day streak. It has become a lot easier to maintain the streak and my understanding of Danish has also grown up and out of what is taught on the Duolingo course.

Duolingo has really helped me gain a lot of confidence with my written Danish skills and especially with reading comprehension. Although I acknowledge that I have a very long way to go to really grasping this tricky scandinavian language, Duolingo has really helped to maintain motivation along the way.

Achieving and maintaining a skill streak is also really good for language progress. A friend and fellow language blogger, Ziggy has been using his own arbritary skill stream system to learn Chinese for the past 73 days and he is impressed by the results of doing a little bit, everyday.

Vi ses i næste uge, alle sammen!