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It is often the hardest things to do that make the biggest difference. A while back, I wrote a blog post about How I will pass Studieprøven (promptly followed by an embarassing retraction). These blog posts were actually really tough to write, but looking back on it I learned a huge amount while doing the research for them.

Shortly after publishing the studieprøven blog posts, I had said that I was going to be a little more realistic and aim for the Danskuddannelse 3 test. That was sensible enough, but then I did nothing of the sort to really follow up on that.

The real test itself is next Wednesday, and I am again woefully underprepared. I wish that I had written a blog post explaining the format of the Danskuddanelse 3 tests, and maybe even have come up with a plan on how to tackle it.

I just have to be calm and see this whole thing as a process. Learning a language takes a lot of time, but learning how to learn a language takes even longer!

See you guys next week, assuming I survive my reading and writing test in a few days.