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I thought I’d share this advert for the Danish home improvement company, Silvan. The message is pretty simple: “You could once. You can again.” / Du kunne engang. Du kan igen. I guess they are trying to show you that home improvement can be fun and accessible, but the amount of lens flare and slow motion special effects just make for a very amusing minute long advert.


In my experience, I’ve found Danish culture to be very serious, practical and at times a bit boring. But then again, I guess this is typical when my exposure to the language is mostly through textbooks at my language school and news media which is by definition very serious and dry.

I can’t wait to be done with my Danish exams over the next two months, because I will be able to focus more on the ‘fun’ aspects of the culture which won’t get me great grades in a formal test, but it will enable me to enjoy myself a little more with my Danish language learning experience.

This week I have continued to write (almost) daily Danish journals on Lang-8 (if you are curious my Lang-8 profile is here), and I’ve begun to read a Danish novel called “Marias Hjerte” about a girl who has moved to Denmark to start a new life and is retraining to be a doctor at an adult education centre. The book was downloaded for free from letbog , a website where you can download intermediate level Danish e-books.