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I’m still trying to find a way of writing this blog that works for me, so I’m experimenting with the format and how I write these posts. The most important thing is that I am consistent with my weekly posting schedule, because at least this way I can improve over time. I’m happy to admit this is a process, and to let go of perfectionism that has held me back in the past.

Here are some of my Danish language observations in the past week whilst I’ve been studying Danish.

…eller ej?

I first came across this mini phrase in a textbook. As far as I can tell, it means ‘…or not’ and is used in a formal sense. I got very confused because it looks a lot like how you write “yes or no” in Danish (“ja eller nej”). I’ve heard it while I was watching the news and at a semi formal meeting at my daughter’s daycare centre.


I was lucky enough to have a personalised italki lesson around this word. It means “easily” and can be used in a context where you give a positive, but unexpected answer. So if someone asked you “can you overcome this challenge?” and you answered “yes I can easily do it!” I guess this is where the word “sagtens” would be used in a Danish context.

It can also be used making an obvious statement, for example: “I can easily speak English, because I grew up in the UK”. I’ve heard this word used a lot when I am listening to talk radio.


I understand this as meaning “at the same time” and I have come across it being used when someone is describing their opinion on a complex issue. They might make a main statement, and then demonstrate that they are aware that there are other situations. “But at the same time, I understand that other people do not share my opinion…”

This week I have been listening and watching  a lot of news in Danish, and I actively want my vocabulary to be quite formal as it will help me with my upcoming Prøve i Dansk 3 exam.

See you next week when I check in again!