Last week I wrote about how I have my Danish exams coming up soon, and that I want to focus on my written Danish language. I said that I wanted to write some Danish journals on lang 8, and that I would also use Danish language with my penpals on conversationexchange.

Sadly, I haven’t posted a single journal on lang 8 and I have only written a couple of short messages in Danish to my penpals. Maybe it is because I am still recovering from being sick last week, but in general I’ve been feeling quite tired. In the evenings I’ve felt exhausted, and I’ve also spent at least one entire morning train journey to work sat down slumped against a window ‘resting my eyes’.

It is a bit off topic for this blog, but what I have been doing with my time is trying to be a good husband to my wife and father to my daughter. I’ve been helping my wife with things like cleaning our house, doing laundry, working on the current garden project and I have even cooked dinner twice in the past week. I’m really proud of the home cooking thing – when I came to Denmark I was absolutely hopeless in the kitchen!

I’ve also been spending a lot more time with my daughter. She’s 4 and a half months old at this current time of writing, and I’ve been changing her nappy in the (extremely early) mornings and in general I’ve been playing with her more, learning to read her signals and meet her needs.

And what having I been doing with the little time I get to myself? When I’m not sleeping on my daily train journey, I’ve been playing videogames. Like real, actual timewasting endeavours. One of the games that I’ve been playing is Tekken Card Tournament. It is essentially a free to play card game of rock paper scissors with numbers and other gimmicks. I was drawn into it because it only takes about 5 minutes to play each game. But I’ve decided to quit playing it, because more 5 minute intervals than I care to admit to have been wasted away over the past few months. I’ve also been playing a cleverly written RPG called Undertale. I’m really enjoying it, and I wish that there were some RPG’s in Danish language that I could play. I’ve looked and haven’t been able to find any at all.

The closest thing to a Danish language game is of course Duolingo. I’ve completely regolded my Danish skill tree, which feels great and has given me a lot of confidence with my Danish reading comprehension. I might do another Duolingo Danish test soon and see if I can improve on my score from last time.

Let’s get some momentum back – here are my goals for the upcoming week to be done by Sunday the 27th of March 2016:

Working through ‘Ordet er Frit’, my Danish textbook

The Danish textbook I am borrowing from my language school is called Ordet er Frit and I think it is a very suitable resource for me, as the language is more academic than what I am used to and the listening exercises are recorded at normal speed. In other words, I find this book challenging because it is above my level and I feel stretched.

I have planned out 6 short exercises from the book that I want to do over the coming week. I’ll be e-mailing them to my teacher at my language school as I do them too. I’m writing it out here on this blog so I can get more accountability. Hopefully I’ll be able to write a bit about what I’ve got out of the exercises.

Freestyle writing on lang 8

I wrote this as something that I want to do last week, and nothing happened. This time round I have gone one step further and written a lang8 journal here while I’ve been drafting this blog post. I will write at least 3 journals on the website between now and the coming Sunday.

Actually doing a blog post on a Sunday!

I was really proud of my consistency with this blog so far during this year. It was a new year’s resolution of mine to post every Sunday without fail, and doing this blog post on a Monday instead of the usual Sunday really hurts me. It may seem like a trivial thing, but  maintaining a regular posting schedule helps me feel like a more consistent and hard working language learner.

I’ll check in this coming Sunday, and if you celebrate it – have a good Easter!