Unfortunately this week I have mostly been feeling ‘dårligt tilpas’ (not so great) and I have taken several days off work to get some rest. After going to the doctor and having a blood test, I was relieved to find out that I simply have a flu.

When I went to visit the doctor, we spoke almost entirely in English. However I then went to the “laboratiet” and spoke to the nurse to get my blood analysed, entirely in Danish. She asked me where I was from and how long I’d been living in Denmark, and seemed pleasantly surprised with my level of Danish for someone who’s been here for a year and a half.

Despite being sick, I’ve been trying to practise as much Danish as I can anyway. I still went to my language school and bought some grammar workbooks that they’ve recommended to me (I will work through these during the next few weeks). I also did my voluntary work of teaching Thai through (mostly) Danish – it is really weird when you are mixing foreign languages together, none of which are your mother tongue.

I have just managed to successfully ‘regold’ my Duolingo Danish tree – after losing a 40+ day streak earlier this week. It took a while to regold my tree, and it requires a lot of maintainence – let’s see how long I can keep it gold for.

This week I plan on writing a lot more in Danish on lang-8, and also having more Danish correspondance with my language school and the penpals on conversation exchange. My written Danish test is in about 8 weeks from now, and it is important that I focus more on free writing than I usually do.

I hope you’ve had a healthier and happier week than me, and I will see you next Sunday!