Last week I identified that I want to prepare for my upcoming modultest 3.4 for Danskuddannelse 3, and that I want to also prepare for a ‘lærerpakken’ meeting with a course leader (in Danish it is called vejledermøde). This is a summary of what I’ve been doing this week to learn Danish…

Going down the rabbit hole with modultest 3.4

The crazy thing about my upcoming modultest is that technically I haven’t passed modultests 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3. I skipped them. My language school is so small that it only has one class at Danskuddannelse 3 level in the evenings, and normally it is mandatory that students need to take the Danish introduction classes during the daytime before they progress to the intermediate classes in the evening. However because I work during the day, and I taught myself Danish, I was allowed to attend the evening classes as a new student. The teachers tell me I am the only student to have ever done this in this history of the school!

What this means is that there are gaps in my knowledge according to the modultest syllabus. They are to do with things like work and society here in Denmark. But it is good that I am at least able to identify this before the main Danskuddannelse 3 test.

Getting italki tutoring

This week I have been having regular italki tutoring sessions in Danish. When I started learning Danish back in 2014, I had a weekly session with an italki tutor. Looking back on it, I really wished that I had maintained online tutoring sessions because I always feel so great after them. But, you know, I’ve been busy during my one a half years here in Denmark – I’ve had 3 jobs (4 if you count volunteer work), moved home twice, got married and had a baby. It has been hard to keep to a regular tutoring schedule, but I think from now on I would like to have tutoring at the minimum once a fortnight.

Preparing for the lærerpakken vejledermøde

It has been challenging to practise what I want to say during this meeting. In preparation, I have written some phrases in English, had them translated with my italki tutor, and then put them into an Anki deck so that I can memorise them. The intention here is not to recite a rehearsed speech in my meeting, but to be able to say what I want to say in my target language. I will be training with my italki tutor a few times next week before Thursday’s meeting.

Having a penpal on conversationexchange

I’ve used conversationexchange in the past to find conversation partners who are willing to practise over skype. But recently I have only been able to find penpals for Danish language. It is better than nothing – the most important thing is that I am using the language in a natural way and that I am understood.

General thoughts about being tested and evaluated

Honestly, I am really not so great at exams. I have a tendancy to overthink even small simple tasks and I don’t feel that I perform so well under pressure. This Thursday is quite likely to be an exhausting day for me, especially as the majority of the day will be conducted entirely in Danish. But recently I’ve been thinking about the worst case scenario and feeling not so threatened by it. If I fail my modultest 3.4 and completely freeze up during my lærerpakken meeting, it just means that I have a little further to go than I expected. But I am determined to achieve a level of Danish that allows me to get more settled in Denmark.

I like to think that I’ve managed to get a bit better with handling disappointment – it’s a small thing but losing my precious Duolingo streak and starting over again helped me to understand that the hard work that I have put into learning Danish can’t ever be taken away from me.

Anyway, wish me luck for this coming Thursday (it’s “held og lykke” in Danish), and I’ll let you know how it all went next Sunday!