Honestly, I really do struggle to be consistent with this blog and to find the time to do a weekly entry. During the week I often think of ideas for a blog post but it usually takes several hours to even draft something which I would consider good enough to be published here.

Let’s do a brief summary of what I’ve been up to, related to Danish language learning.

This week I have:

  • Gone to a Danish book club in my local Solrød area
  • Continued on ‘regolding’ my Danish Duolingo skill tree
  • Had Danish-only correspondence with my language school, and with willing participants on the http://www.conversationexchange.com website
  • Been reading the Danish novel ‘Mine Sidste Mord’ by Neils Martinov (and making Anki flashcards out of relevant phrases I want to remember)

If I’m honest though, my time has mostly been going into doing a EDx MOOC from MIT called Design and Development of Education Technology. It is a really interesting course, and I have enjoyed learning about edcational theories and how they relate to apps, games, and other tools that help people learn. But sadly, doing this course is something which is nice to have, and not a need in the way that a proficiency with Danish is for me and my family. I had hoped to do this course as a side project – slowly working through it during my train journey to and from work – but unfortunately that was a little bit too unrealistic. So it will have to be ‘shelved’ for a later date.

Hopefully I will be able to take the course during the Summer or at another time in the future (MOOC’s frequently repeat themselves),  but right now I need to focus more on Danish language.

I have also been talking with my language school, and I will be having an internal Danish test within the next month to see how ready I am for the official govenment proficiency exams.

For next week, I’d like to write about how I plan on tackling the government proficiency exams.

See you guys next week, and I hope you’ve had a more focused week than I have!