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In the beginning of March 2015, I enrolled at a local language school here in the Solrød suburb of Copenhagen. I haven’t written much about it on this blog because honestly, in the beginning I found the language school to be a waste of time. The teacher was extremely apathetic and sometimes actively disencouraging (I remember him telling me that my Danish wasn’t good enough), and my work was rarely marked so I couldn’t get any feedback on how to even improve my level of Danish.

However, before Christmas 2015 I got a new teacher who is a very welcome breath of fresh air. He is extremely motivated, engaged and open minded about how Danish can be taught and applied in an everyday context. For one of our assignments, we interviewed another student at the language school as if it was for a newspaper.But then our stories actually got published in the local Solrød newspaper! You can read the interviews an online link here (I interviewed a guy called Samir). I’ve been told that the story was also printed in the local newspaper as well as appearing on their website.

This has given me a massive boost of confidence with my Danish, because it is being used in a real world context. Language does not exist in a vacuum and it is really good that my teacher understands this.

So there you have it: I am (technically) a Danish journalist!