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I may have lost my Duolingo streak, but I have not lost my determination to learn Danish.

Regolding the tree is something that I have heard about on the Duolingo forums. It is the process of, once you have completed an entire Duolingo skill tree, going through the entire course all over again to get a ‘gold’ colour on the lessons to show you have a good understanding of them. My first thoughts were that it was unnecessary and only served as bragging rights.

My first attempt at regolding my Danish skill tree was strictly through the ‘strengthen skills’ button on the website. This was supposed to give me a buffet style personalised lesson based on all of my weaker areas. This approach was not successful because it was a bit too broad: I was trying too many things at the same time and lessons did not stay gold for very long.

So instead I have been trying to regold my tree purely from the mobile android app. It has actually been really worth it so far, as I have reviewed some Danish fundamentals that I didn’t understand so well the first time round, things like adverbs and adjectives and grammar.

Because Duolingo is interactive, this is a lot more useful than simply opening a grammar book and passively reading about these grammar points. I get actively tested on this stuff in a safe environment where it is ok to mess up, and I also get instant feedback on where I am going wrong.

It has helped me a lot with boosting my confidence with my Danish, particularly with my written Danish. Of course there are many other things that I am doing to practise my Danish, but Duolingo is something which I find really works well for me.

For those who are curious, at the current time of writing I am on an 18 day streak. If you’re interested in following me on Duolingo my profile is here