I’ve noticed that a lot of other language learning bloggers are publicly listing their language learning goals for 2016, so I thought I would do the same. I will be focusing on just Danish and Thai this year, because those two languages are ones that I need to develop to a relatively high level before I feel it is appropriate to move on and begin yet another language. So with that said, here are my goals:


I will pass the Danish studieprøven exam. This is the highest level of Danish exam for foreigners, and it is a rough equivalent of a CEFR C1 level. There are only two opportunities to do this in a year – May/June and October/November. I am aiming for the exam in May.

My Danish is currently somewhere between a CEFR B1 and B2 level. It is difficult to measure my level of Danish because Denmark does not use the CEFR framework, unlike the majority of European countries.

My reason for learning Danish is a compelling one. I already live in Denmark, I have a daughter here, and I want to be able to be actively involved in her life as she grows up. I am also interested going to university here, so having an academic grasp of Danish will help with this.


I want to achieve a B2 level in Thai language. Although I am conversational in Thai, there are massive gaps in my knowledge. Since I left Thailand in 2013 (has it really been that long?) I also haven’t been in many situations where I am forced to use the language and my skills are really rusty to say the least.

If I am to be completely candid about my Thai language level, I would say that I am at a strong CEFR A2 level. In my experience, Thai has an extremely low threshold of what you need to know to be considered “good”. If you can string any coherent sentence together, many Thai people will be extremely impressed.

I want to get better at Thai because it will help me get better at teaching my absolute beginner course here in Copenhagen, and I will also be able to integrate more with the Thai community that I have found.

Other languages

I plan on writing a more fleshed out blog post on what future languages that I want to learn, but some other languages that I wish to work on are Russian, Chinese and Esperanto. But for this year: Danish is the highest priority, with  Thai a close second.