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100 days! What a milestone!


I have mentioned about woeful tales of losing Duolingo streaks in the past on this blog, but I finally found a way to overcome this obstacle.

The solution was not very glamorous. Instead of being a super smart Danish language learning genius, my solution in the end was just to focus on consistency.

Make a humble plan and stick to it.

I set my Duolingo coach for 30xp a day. Sometimes this is extremely easy for me to achieve, but there are other days where even this is a little bit of a struggle. Having a humble plan is much, much easier to maintain in the long run.

Find a time of day and do it consistently at that time.

I do it every morning between 6am and 8am, either at home on my laptop or on the train during my commute to work. It’s part of my morning ritual, and honestly, now it feels a bit weird if I find myself doing Duolingo at any time other than the morning.

Be flexible

Notice the time above of “between 6am and 8am”? It is not an absolutely specific point in time, but more of a generous window. I have given myself the flexibility to do Duolingo on my laptop at home, or on the train to work. Sometimes on weekends and super busy workdays, I even unashamedly use streak freezes.

Stop making excuses.

The picture at the top of this blog post actually shows 09:25 on my phone – outside of my “between 6am and 8am” window – this was because I was on holiday here in Denmark. I could have used that as an excuse, but instead I found a way to do it anyway. It is so easy to make excuses to not achieve a goal. If I lose my streak, the task could seem too hard to start over, and I give myself permission to quit. If I don’t do Duolingo at a specific time that I set myself, it could seem like I have lost my chance to do Duolingo for that entire day, and again I am giving myself permission to quit.

Final thoughts

I have now achieved a “three digit” Duolingo streak! It feels amazing, but only because I worked so hard at forming the habit and achieving a goal which honestly I had previously thought was impossible for me.

If (when?) I lose my Duolingo streak in the future, it will never take away the fact that I am capable of building this up again.