Sometimes there are sentences that crop up on Duolingo which you think are completely unrealistic and would never be used in any real world context. But the other day I found myself uttering the sentence:

“The dinosaur is drinking my coffee!”

Allow me to provide a bit of context. At the moment I am working as a teaching assistant in an international preschool here in Copenhagen. I work with 3-4 year olds and provide them with English immersion through guided play and structured academic activities.

During a guided play session, there were kitchen toys being used in one area, and toy animals used in another area. A child offered me a cup of ‘coffee’, and as I was pretending to drink it, another child came along with a toy dinosaur and mimed as if it was drinking out of the cup. Suddenly the dinosaur was drinking my coffee.

I guess it just goes to show that sometimes the crazy sentences on Duolingo could possibly have a use… it’s just that it is extremely unlikely!