Recently I’ve started doing language exchanges over skype with a Dane who is also willing to practise his English. I signed up to this conversation exchange website a while ago, but it has taken me a while to feel good enough to actually hold a conversation in Danish.

This is a huge step for me, as I consider myself to be painfully shy, and I actually chat on skype with just voice only.

But progress is progress, and I feel that my confidence in Danish is slowly growing. So far I’ve spoken about very basic topics – differences in UK culture and Danish culture, my family, my travelling experiences, that kind of stuff.

Maybe in the future I will be a bit more motivated to prepare some specific things that I’d like to talk about, but for now it just feels amazing to establish a level of familiarity and comfort with Danish.

Something that I am a bit mindful of is that my conversation partner is not a teacher. My goal is to be able to communicate effectively and be understood, rather than to specifically focus on a language point.