Recently I finished my Danish Duolingo skill tree, and I thought I’d write an update on how I’m using duolingo these days. It is finally beginning to get easier to do Duolingo now, because I am a lot more familiar with Danish vocabulary and use of the language. At the moment, I’m just trying to use the ‘practise skills’ button until all of the skills in my skill tree are gold.


There are 70 skills in my skill tree, and at the current time of writing only about 10 of them are gold and at full strength. My goal is to develop my Danish skills, rather than make the whole tree golden as fast as possible.

I am using anki SRS software to help me make a note of sentences which are relevant and could maybe even be used in day to day life (Duolingo is notorious for completely useless sentences).

I try to do Duolingo every morning before my commute to work. Having a routine – even a small one – massively helps me. I find it a lot easier to use the website to maintain what I’ve learned, but the android smartphone app is better for drilling new words and sentences. Generally, the android app version of Duolingo is a lot harder and time consuming.

I’ve been spending more time reading books in Danish during my actual commute. I’m finally beginning to be able to read for pleasure, and I’d like to think that Duolingo has really helped me with reading and writing skills here.