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I recently finished reading “Zombie-øen”, by Henrik Einspor. It is a 64 page detective story about – yes you guessed it – zombies!


I borrowed this book from my local library here in Solrød Strand, and it comes as a set complete with an audio CD. What I’ve been doing is listening along to the audio at the same time as reading the book.

I’ve heard that this is a really good language learning strategy, but I really wish I had done this a lot sooner! In the early days of learning Danish, I used to listen and read along (and speak!) to small passages of text from my Teach Yourself Danish book. It turns out that longer connected passages of text are much better for this type of exposure to the language.

It was a fun book to read, although I found the new vocabulary initially very challenging, and the story is mostly told from a first person narrative and in the present tense.

I also found it incredibly hard to listen to. Often I’d get lost while reading along to the audio because I found it too fast, and even now when I listen to the audio by itself I still struggle at times to follow along.

But this is all ear training and familiarising myself with the sounds of the language. Danish is a tricky language which is not even close to being pronounced the way it is written, and listening and reading along to it at the same time has really helped me get a greater feel for how it all works.

If you haven’t tried this yet, then I strongly recommend it. In the future I definitely plan to listen and read along to more books, because it helps my understanding of how words sound and even my confidence when I attempt to speak them.