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Although I’ve written about Duolingo a fair bit on this blog, I’ve never actually completed any of the skill trees. Until Now!


I started the Danish course on Duolingo last year, and it is something that I’ve been slowly working on ever since then. I’ve heard about the famous ‘golden owl’ reward that you get for completing a skill tree, and now I’ve finally got one!

Although Duolingo courses are fun and easy in the very beginning, they quickly become a lot more challenging and the difficulty ramps up during the second or third checkpoint on the skill tree. At this point, I’d lose a lot of hearts and find it really difficult to maintain my streak and ultimately, my motivation.

I have to say that living and trying to survive here in Denmark has certainly helped with finding that motivation and need to learn!

So what’s next? I want to make sure that all of skills are at full strength. I’ve resolved to do this the long way round, strictly through the ‘strengthen skills’ button. This is because it promotes slow and steady consolidation of the knowledge. I’d rather have more confidence with Danish, than simply have more things on my skill tree in a pretty golden colour.

Another thing I’d like to do is contribute to the translations on Duolingo. I really enjoy the ‘immersion’ section of the website because I get to read and translate real life articles and give something back. Sadly this feature has not been implemented for Danish yet. Translations are important because you really have to consider the finer points of language, and the topics that you deal with can also be really interesting.

In the future, I’d also like to do more of the duolingo courses! I tried out the Esperanto course and I really enjoyed it a lot. When my Danish is a lot more cemented and I am a lot more fluent, I’d like to devote more time to that. The other Duolingo course that I am waiting for is…. English from Thai. This is something which I plan on working through alongside with the Thai community here in Copenhagen.

What are your Duolingo aspirations for the future? Have you finished any skill trees and proudly earned any Golden Owls? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading this blog.