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As I’ve progressed through the duolingo Danish course, I’ve found some sentences that actually make some sort of sense within the context of an actual conversation.

The problem is that it can be so easy to forget these phrases, so I’ve started to use anki flashcards to help me.

When I use duolingo on my laptop, I also now have anki open in the background and simply copy and paste duolingo sentences which I feel could possibly be appropriate.


It’s a nice little trick which helps to make some of the duolingo phrases and sentences easier to remember, because there is a lot more meaningful exposure to the language.

Recently I’ve been more creative with Anki and I also take print screens while using my phone, and then save those as anki flash cards.

When I opened up an ankiweb account, I realised that it is really easy to syncronise flashcards between my laptop and my phone. It has really helped me to be a lot more flexible with how I make my flashcards and how I use them.