We’re in February 2015 now, so let’s have a quick look at how I’ve done so far with learning Danish for January.

I announced that I want to learn Danish well enough to do a proficiency exam around May / June time of this year. Then I made this google doc spreadsheet for some accountability and… didn’t really do any more work on how I’ll further break down the goals.

What I’ve consistently done is listening to Danish radio, a duolingo course, and a little bit of Memrise.

Why the focus on duolingo?

A moderator for the duolingo Danish course posted here that there the Danish duolingo course teaches you a total of about 2330 words. I’ve also read that duolingo gets you to around a B2 level of reading by the time you finish the tree.

There are two other reasons why I’ve been so consistent with duolingo:

  • It has a streak system
  • It is fun

I really can’t stress that last point enough. It feels fun, because I see numbers ticking over and some quantisation of my language learning that makes me feel like I’m making some progress.

Did the google doc work?

So far, I’d say that putting my minutes of Danish language learning into a public spreadsheet is working for me. I felt super productive in the first week; I felt like I was getting somewhere. It is nice to see that I am having somesort of consistency and forming some habits.

What was the most productive thing I did in January for learning Danish?

I would have to say that writing in Danish on lang-8 was probably a really good activity for me. I did it once, felt great – got my sloppy Danish corrected pretty fast – and then proceeded to do nothing else on that website.

Whats next for February?

The most important thing is to be a lot more clear about why I’m learning Danish and how I’m going to do it. I need to do a lot more research into the “Prove i Dansk 3” exam that I mentioned at the start of January.

I also need to work a little more on my consistency with this blog. This post has been hastily written on a Tuesday night, so I’m slipping on my own “new blog post on Sunday” schedule I’ve been trying to stick with since around April last year.

That’s all for now. I hope you had a good January, and that you have productive language learning in February!