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I’ve been in Denmark for almost 2 weeks now, and it feels like it has gone by so fast! I’ve been immersed in a lot of Danish language, but sadly I am still at the stage where most of it sounds like noise. I’ve mentioned on this blog that I’ve lived in a foreign country before (Thailand), but this time things are very different: I’ve come here to live with my Danish girlfriend!


When I was living in Thailand, although I had help from my Thai friends I met at university in the UK, I was living alone and had to figure out a lot of things for myself out there. This time round, I am getting a lot of help from my girlfriend with settling in and integrating with the Danes here. The pace of life here is a lot more relaxed compared to my hometown of London, and I intend on staying here indefinitely.

For those who are curious, my girlfriend and I met in London 3 years ago. She was living in London at the time while she was studying at a London university, and I had just returned to London after finishing at Teesside University in the North East of England. We got on really well right from the beginning and stayed in regular contact with each other even after I travelled to Thailand and she returned to her home country of Denmark. We met again in the UK earlier this year, and decided to try and make things work as a couple. I love learning about foreign languages and culture, and I also enjoy teaching English, but she is also one of the main reasons why I’m in Denmark.


Last week I was invited to join her and her family for a holiday in Sweden. It was really nice to practise speaking Danish with them, especially her grandparents and her 6 year old cousins! If you can communicate successfully with a child in their language, then you are definitely doing something right! I’m not at a conversational level in the language yet, but I have been listening to a lot of natural Danish conversations and slowly I’m beginning to get the gist of what people are talking about around me.

I’ve got a long way to go, but this is all part of the language learning experience for me.