In the past few months or so I’ve been putting in a lot of effort to regularly post every Sunday on this blog as I write about my language learning hobby or talk about what tools I’m using to help me on my journey to one day being a polyglot. I’ve been thrown off my regular routine because I’ve been working so hard recently on lots of other projects. One of these projects is a secret one about learning a new language!


A good friend of mine will be visiting London and hanging out with me in 3 weeks, and I’ve decided to surprise her by speaking to her in her native language! I’ve got a ‘Teach Yourself’ language book, and I am currently having weekly skype sessions with a private tutor I found on italki.

I’ll explain a little more about the language at a later date, but what I can say is that for the first time I’m experiencing a lot of language interference as this new language is similar to the German I’m casually studying on duolingo. When I have German conversations with my Mum, my accent is very strange and I am also getting words muddled up.

At first I was really shocked by this, but now I see it as a positive sign that I’m making some progress with the new language I am learning at the moment. I’ve also swapped over to French on duolingo – that seems to be working out ok with me. I haven’t experienced any problems with maintaining my Thai (actually there are some unexpected benefits from learning Thai!).

I’ll hopefully be back with the regular posts every Sunday. By the way, did anyone notice I’ve been trying to be a bit more consistent with the frequency of posts on this blog?