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Today is May the 4th… also known as “Star Wars day’. It is a day where the popular sci-fi movie series is celebrated with silly self referential jokes and some people watching a marathon of Star Wars movies in one sitting (sometimes intentionally in the wrong order).

However, I was surprised when memrise also joined in today’s Star Wars activities.


It’s small gestures like this that show that the team behind the website care about their users and are happy to play around with the site’s format. Also, I never thought I’d see the day when memrise proclaims that is actually my father.


Aside from silly Star Wars jokes, the memrise site has constantly being improved on since I wrote about it last year. There is a lot more interactivity and even a few more options for course design which can really help consolidate information.

It’s good to know that the memrise team are clearly having fun and working hard on the site (and even other spin off projects like catacademy) and for me at least, it helps me have a lot more fun using their site to constantly learn new things.