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This week, my Mother (who is learning German with me on Duolingo) ordered a Spiralo spiral slicer off the internet. We are trying to eat a little healthier at the moment, and this device is a great excuse for eating more fruit and vegetables!


To our surprise, we were able to read and understand some of the German on the packaging . This was a really big deal for my Mother, because she only started learning German again a few months ago.

The translation game

We decided to have some fun with the instructions, by taking it in turns to read out the paragraphs in German, discussing what words we knew, and trying to infer meanings of the words we didn’t know.

After that, we then went to the English parts of the instruction manual and then found out how close we were to their interpretation. We guessed some of the sentences quite accurately, but other sentences were way out!

The most important thing was that we had fun, and we also learnt some new words for vegetables and fruit in German. We then used the new words as we tried out the Spiralo to make a delicious fresh salad.