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Now that I’m back in the UK, I’m finding it hard to maintain my Thai language skills. However, I found a really good website for learning Thai through songs. The website, ‘DeungdutJai’, has lyrics in Thai script, alongside the English translations.

A lot of Thai music is acoustic, easy listening and chilled. Even before I learnt the Thai language, I enjoyed the sound of Thai music purely from the instrumental compositions alone. And now, I can listen to Thai music and begin to understand it

I am a terrible singer, but I do enjoy karaoke as long as it is a light hearted activity. My leaving party in Thailand was at a karaoke place, and I really enjoyed myself. The picture below is of me and my friends (I’m the guy sitting down in the grey t-shirt).


Karaoke improves reading
As long as you use the Thai alphabet (and not the weird transliteration), karaoke can really help you improve your reading speed because there is someone singing along with you and you can reinforce the sounds of the language and vocabulary.

Karaoke is a great workout for pronunciation

To sing clearly in a foreign language, you have to really pronounce things properly. You need to physically move your mouth in a slightly more exaggerated way than when you are speaking in a language class or in a quiet one to one chat with someone. It feels strange because it is a foreign language, but you are exercising a new way of moving your face(!).

Karaoke can help you understand about the culture of your target language

Music is a cultural artefact just like books, movies, tv shows etc. I really love that I can finally derive meanings from songs that I’ve listened to again and again on the radio in Thailand. The language used in songs aren’t really what you’d expect from a natural conversation, but it does offer a glimpse into the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes of the artists.

London is a great place to live, but I have really missed Thailand a lot. Listening to Thai music, and watching the videos and reading along with the lyrics has really brought a great deal of happiness back into my life. ฉันคิดถึงเมืองไทยมากเลย