It has certainly been a while since I’ve updated this blog, but let me first wish everyone reading this a fantastic happy new year!


That should mean ‘or I’d like to say happy new year’ in Thai. Speaking of which, I also have something big to tell everyone!

I am back in the United Kingdom!

That’s right, in my home country I am now once again able to eavesdrop on strangers, listen to radio and understand tv shows perfectly. And let me tell you, after living in Thailand for 16 months it feels weird. For the first few days here I actually found myself thinking in Thai – especially after waking up (ฉันอยู่ไหน?!?).

So, what’s next?

French, and German. I’ve been using my favourite language learning app, duolingo (which incidentally was voted Apple’s 2013 app of the year).


I come from a monolingual family: growing up, English was the only language spoken in my home. Outside of mandatory language classes as part of my secondary school education, I had no meaningful exposure to any foreign language until I was about 26 years old and met some Thai friends in the UK.

However, my Sister’s in-laws are Belgian and speak French. Her children, or my niece and nephew (currently aged 3 and 5 respectively) have as she modestly puts it ‘fancy french names’ – Lucien and Sebastien – and they are learning French at home.

My sister is not the only person in my family who speaks French. My Dad, a self confessed francophile, visits France a lot, and is already pretty good at the language.

I’d like to focus on learning French a lot more this year to speak with my extended family, and also because I’ve never learned a romance language before.


I also recently found out that my brother will be moving to Berlin in a few months. At the moment he is using duolingo to learn German and has declared that he wishes to be fluent in German by the end of this year.

I actually enjoyed learning German in school, but I never really saw any point in using it outside of a classroom at the time. Nevertheless, I have been using duolingo to refresh my memory.

If anybody wants to add me on duolingo, here is my duolingo profile. Language learning can be really fun, but it is even better when we all learn together.

If you are thinking of learning a new language this year, or developing some of your existing language skills this year, I hope your language learning journey is a fun and enjoyable one! And if you have no plans doing any foreign language learning and you are reading this blog… I heartily recommend that you start! You never know where it will take you!