This has been on my mind for a few weeks, and I thought I’d just finally write about it. Recently I’ve ‘fallen out of love’ with Thai language.

There was a time when I really loved studying it; I’d be on the London Underground with a Thai textbook and I’d actually miss my stop because I was so engrossed!

In the early days, when I was learning Thai I felt really smart. I had a private tutor who I’d meet up with once a week in a North London cafe and we’d speak Thai for an hour. That was actually the highlight of my week.

Fast-forward to how things are now and I don’t even have the motivation to open a text book. In the past few language classes, I’ve understood about 40% of what was being said, and when put on the spot to explain my opinion I get a complete and utter mental blank.

And this is the gritty, unsavoury part of my Thai language journey: the problem is not with the language, it’s with me. I get nervous. I forget things. No textbook or language class can fix that.

I had such high hopes for learning about a culture and making new friends and stuff, but after being here more than a year my Thai is more or less at the same level as when I came to this country.

So, I guess I can be classed in the category of Thailand expats who consider Thai an “impossible” language.