Bangkok is famous for its nightlife, but I rarely go out and party here. So its kind of ironic, that on the rare occasion that I do go out to the bars along Sukhumvit, I get pickpocketed.

I was invited out by a friend of mine who goes to the same Thai language school. My wallet was stolen, and his apartment key was stolen.

We went to the local police station and reported the crime. My friend is a lot better at Thai than me, and he explained the situation to the police officer. I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone as we all slowly worked together to complete the report.


In my local neighbourhood, the Thai people have been really helpful after they found out what happened. They’ve helped me to go the market and get a new wallet, and this morning when I was even treated to a free breakfast!

Today I went to the bank, took my police report with me, and managed to successfully explain everything that happened without speaking English and get a new Thai debit card made for me.

When I bought some coffee from the local street seller, she even made a joke that I’m poor like a regular street seller or motorcycle taxi driver now! I love the Thai sense of humour!

I’m sure there are cheaper ways to create conversational situations, but at least you can say that I am truly living the language now, even if it is really broken and has a lot of miming and talking around vocabulary that I don’t know.