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When I recently logged into Memrise, I was surprised by a new series of messages that pop up after you have finished using the site’s memory tests.

I wouldn’t say the site was ever boring, but I would admit that the “scientific learning” approach did give the site a slightly clinical and objective feel.

Depending on how serious the learning is, the site now seems to give out a range of comments which vary from being encouraging to just poking fun at your performance. And for me anyway, the are a very welcome addition to the site! It’s almost tempting to just water plants to see how Memrise reacts to my performance.

Watering (recalling from long term memory)
Best not tweet this (31%)
Not one to share on Facebook (40%)
Relatively good, keep at it! (68%)

Harvesting (putting them into your long term memory)
Keep it up (68%)
Looking Good (69%)

Growing (initial learning process)
Good session! (92%)
You know your stuff! (100%)
Swell! (100%)