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My recent thing that I’ve been doing is playing a fighting game called Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I’ve enjoyed Tekken games since they were released on the Sony Playstation 1 in the late 90’s!


How does this relate to learning languages? There is a community of Tekken players here in Bangkok, and I make sure that I speak Thai with them, not English .

So for example I want to challenge someone to a game of Tekken I’ll ask: สู่กันได้ไหม instead of “do you mind if I play you?”.

I’ve also been reading about tactics in the game on the Thai website Tekken Thailandz and also general fighting game news (in Thai) on thaiarcadefight.com.

I still don’t consider myself very good at Thai yet, and this is painfully obvious when I find myself having to mime things when I’m talking about the game. But it’s a start and I am earning respect for making an effort with their language.